834150, Anonymous 05/03/21 (Mon) 03:03:40 PM No. SEVIERVILLE A Sevier County grand jury advanced animal cruelty charges this week against a former employee at a local stable who was allegedly caught whipping a horse in a video that went. >Love your body! Can't wait for the Bells Palsy, blood clots, myocarditis, seizures etc. 839003, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 12:43:31 AM No. 834156, File: 1620054220079.jpeg (198.16 KB, 750x1090, A3BFEDC1-B8B0-40B1-8702-00B1E9), Anonymous 05/03/21 (Mon) 05:34:54 PM No. 847233, Anonymous 08/02/21 (Mon) 01:09:09 AM No. 848534, Anonymous 08/07/21 (Sat) 06:29:13 PM No. 835791, Anonymous 05/14/21 (Fri) 05:06:38 PM No. when she uplodaded the video she was one month sober going on two months, but didn't realize how physically sick she really was. She also announced new content being ready which has no title or premises of what is about.. which based on past experiences, there is a no video, Dont believe its as severe as she claims but if it is, not surprised, since shes a stinky, unwashed rat and her needles probably are too. 849268, File: 1628945529873.png (208.55 KB, 828x1792, B77DAFF8-F602-481A-919B-D54ACB), Anonymous 08/14/21 (Sat) 05:18:21 PM No. 842508, Anonymous 06/30/21 (Wed) 11:27:37 AM No. Talks about zoo animals with more enthusiasm then she does about her own zoo. 837409, Anonymous 05/24/21 (Mon) 10:01:37 PM No. Her sense of time is warped. Fuck me, i'm 10mins in and i'm absolutely disgusted. 843862, Anonymous 07/11/21 (Sun) 01:00:28 AM No. 839042, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 01:36:36 AM No. 843343, File: 1625608842136.jpg (194.71 KB, 466x828, 20210706_175753.jpg), Anonymous 07/06/21 (Tue) 10:14:03 PM No. 834623, Anonymous 05/07/21 (Fri) 05:36:54 AM No. 838440, Anonymous 05/31/21 (Mon) 04:22:59 AM No. >however she was in the "pink cloud" stage of her sobriety. 839086, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 03:27:43 AM No. 845201, Anonymous 07/21/21 (Wed) 11:45:43 PM No. How exactly?! 848993, File: 1628704760285.png (249.13 KB, 828x1792, 2993304F-E68B-4184-AA41-DA31A9), Anonymous 08/11/21 (Wed) 06:55:14 PM No. 835595, Anonymous 05/13/21 (Thu) 02:51:54 PM No. 843279, Anonymous 07/06/21 (Tue) 03:38:43 PM No. 837335, Anonymous 05/24/21 (Mon) 12:55:36 PM No. 833720, Anonymous 04/30/21 (Fri) 12:07:22 AM No. 843275, Anonymous 07/06/21 (Tue) 03:37:05 PM No. Pets & Animals sadly, texas youtu.be/C1dZYwyJRUU Born March 25 Joined September 2012. 835978, Anonymous 05/16/21 (Sun) 02:29:18 AM No. 845203, Anonymous 07/22/21 (Thu) 12:33:02 AM No. How is she using when she doesn't even know how to shoot up that's what I wonder. 843359, Anonymous 07/07/21 (Wed) 12:09:15 AM No. Nice bruises on her shoulder and is it just me or does her chest also look weirdly bruised? That animal is definitely at risk of getting impacted. 838439, Anonymous 05/31/21 (Mon) 04:08:49 AM No. 835778, Anonymous 05/14/21 (Fri) 03:08:15 PM No. 838816, Anonymous 06/02/21 (Wed) 09:08:19 PM No. This debunks her saying she pays for someone to clean her tank. 841470, Anonymous 06/23/21 (Wed) 03:30:47 AM No. 838933, Anonymous 06/03/21 (Thu) 06:26:06 PM No. her legs and hands shake all the time, can't walk well because of the swollen lymph node (how the hell are you taking care of your animals?). 849111, Anonymous 08/12/21 (Thu) 06:41:50 PM No. . "I don't know what my channel is now. 842669, Anonymous 07/02/21 (Fri) 02:36:02 PM No. I spit out my drink when I saw her tits in the instagram compared to the video. 841194, Anonymous 06/20/21 (Sun) 05:11:22 PM No. "I got out of the lease for the home that I had. She looks greasy and still covered in tell-tale bruises, >Goose and both female rats all get masses at the same time and surgery at the same time - supposedly. 836914, Anonymous 05/21/21 (Fri) 07:17:42 AM No. >Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. 839336, File: 1622859360371.png (209.75 KB, 1818x640, Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 10.1), Anonymous 06/05/21 (Sat) 02:27:38 AM No. and she thinks netflix is the best source of info too can this bitch get canceled already? 842010, Anonymous 06/26/21 (Sat) 11:39:56 PM No. 838991, File: 1622766615714.png (5.03 MB, 1170x2532, 073FD372-66F7-4EF3-A0E5-CCBA71), Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 12:33:47 AM No. 849199, Anonymous 08/13/21 (Fri) 05:48:35 PM No. The deflection. Wonder when we will see pets ? Her talking about mental health when she lies about having disorders is so infuriating. 834169, Anonymous 05/03/21 (Mon) 10:58:14 PM No. (The Truth About Everything)." 839095, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 04:01:18 AM No. Bruise on the inside of her arm. 848531, File: 1628313258248.png (97.86 KB, 861x622, complete idiot.PNG), Anonymous 08/07/21 (Sat) 05:56:50 AM No. 847817, Anonymous 08/03/21 (Tue) 07:27:42 PM No. 837532, Anonymous 05/25/21 (Tue) 07:00:38 PM No. 839260, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 08:30:07 PM No. 837454, Anonymous 05/25/21 (Tue) 04:26:41 AM No. View only. How many times has she changed her diagnosis now? 835793, Anonymous 05/14/21 (Fri) 05:17:22 PM No. Anyones whos actually been cut open can tell you youre not walking around taking selfies after surgery. All that doxing crap happened 3 years ago. 838871, Anonymous 06/03/21 (Thu) 02:26:26 AM No. Also I'm sure people don't actually want to hear her drone on about herself they always seem to just be hoping she'll finally get back to animal vids. 848877, File: 1628579197510.jpeg (585.45 KB, 750x1266, 1E10ED16-0767-46A8-A18A-93A4C9), Anonymous 08/10/21 (Tue) 07:16:43 AM No. 839063, File: 1622772913198.jpeg (144.93 KB, 702x1188, EA6E3013-9812-4AC7-B00B-4E1E37), Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 02:15:49 AM No. 833810, File: 1619811080394.png (502.1 KB, 658x904, rats.PNG), Anonymous 04/30/21 (Fri) 11:54:29 PM No. 839734, Anonymous 06/08/21 (Tue) 03:17:39 PM No. Omfg my doctors just said Im bipolar now. 836459, Anonymous 05/19/21 (Wed) 01:54:12 AM No. I know its not milk but got to love the fury witch queen showing off her two personality traits. 839299, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 10:07:17 PM No. > finally posts a pet but its just Frank who (sorry Frank) we are tired of seeing and not the most concerned about, > posts that she is finally upgrading snake enclosures, > posts duck claiming her camera is broken (though it works fine later on. She claims that people have called animal control on her for years and that got her kicked out her last 2 homes, Yeah us haters are totally the reason she got evicted definitely had nothing to do with this, She said she was done making pet care videos around 24:14, didn't waste my time watching the dirty junkie's video but my favorite part so far is how the em chick apologized for being an anon on lolcow like more people are gonna probably search up lolcow and find out the real taylor nicole dean KEK. nothing else just jonny. 847265, Anonymous 08/02/21 (Mon) 02:07:03 AM No. 839763, Anonymous 06/08/21 (Tue) 06:34:24 PM No. It looks like throughout it all, Dean truly formed a lifelong love for animals and has translated that into pet care. 840510, Anonymous 06/15/21 (Tue) 05:50:26 AM No. 835751, Anonymous 05/14/21 (Fri) 04:46:10 AM No. 838623, Anonymous 06/01/21 (Tue) 02:57:45 PM No. She talks to herself and no one was doxxing she wasn't supposed to have all those fucking animals in her house. 834424, Anonymous 05/05/21 (Wed) 09:42:08 PM No. It does appear that shes added a smoothing filter to the video. 836861, File: 1621553933096.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1914, FFDF44C2-8965-43D3-A0DA-45F23A), Anonymous 05/21/21 (Fri) 02:11:27 AM No. My mission is to encourage kids and teens to . 833582, Anonymous 04/28/21 (Wed) 11:29:26 PM No. 836860, File: 1621553806203.jpeg (779.54 KB, 1242x911, 8A9FA287-716C-4CA8-A807-3D8A83), Anonymous 05/20/21 (Thu) 11:38:53 PM No. (Joking) How can she act like she is knowledgeable about rats, then give the impression its coolio to have lone rats. I'll just say once again, I haven't had any reptiles die except the one time I had a horrible heat malfunction. I know this isnt a great comparison bc she isnt in the same pose, but that photoshopped picture deserves to be in the bad photoshop thread. The likelihood of her being embarrassingly fucked up during the video is also high. 833787, Anonymous 04/30/21 (Fri) 01:45:32 PM No. 838343, Anonymous 05/30/21 (Sun) 04:28:16 PM No. 840157, Anonymous 06/12/21 (Sat) 12:10:46 AM No. 839312, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 11:46:51 PM No. She said these are here video attempts, but over half of them are just her taking selfies. Its why she mentioned a couple days ago that she was planning on posting a video; she knew he was going to die soon and was never going to post anything but this way she can pretend she wanted to. she tweeted like six long ass tweets about him last night. (The Truth About Everything), admit to her followers that she had relapsed. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her. 833669, Anonymous 04/29/21 (Thu) 03:28:13 PM No. 845234, Anonymous 07/22/21 (Thu) 08:44:22 AM No. Im 11 mins in and the track marks on her hand are VERY noticeable once she starts getting into talking and waving them around. The first time she cries is when she mentions JC and says "I felt like I was replaced and thrown out and like my feelings didn't matter anymore" This is after calling him, Video is so boring, dumb bitch is just rambling about nothing again. I literally dont know what more distracting, the nasty ass piss/mustard stains on that fabric she has on the left covering her bedside table, or looking at how wide she made her Cupids bow with her clown lipstick, Samefag but this is allegedly the bandages from her recent hospital visits, she says its due to abscesses so Im assuming they drained them. 835480, Anonymous 05/13/21 (Thu) 04:50:23 AM No. 843260, Anonymous 07/06/21 (Tue) 12:34:30 PM No. Like who seriously wants to listen to some dirty drug addict complaining about how she ruined her life? 837295, Anonymous 05/24/21 (Mon) 02:56:16 AM No. 839704, Anonymous 06/08/21 (Tue) 03:23:59 AM No. 839717, Anonymous 06/08/21 (Tue) 12:31:41 PM No. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. The doxing definitely happened and not just here. Suddlenly trying to push that shes the best pet mom ever. 833735, Anonymous 04/30/21 (Fri) 05:51:38 AM No. 839275, File: 1622839702395.jpeg (161.77 KB, 750x1062, 2B6B032F-7C9F-44D4-8939-A5BEA0), Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 09:19:55 PM No. 833828, File: 1619826869301.jpeg (192.83 KB, 750x851, 0D25309C-001C-4806-9282-D17895), Anonymous 05/01/21 (Sat) 11:27:52 AM No. Tag: Taylor Nicole Dean. 839024, Anonymous 06/04/21 (Fri) 01:16:01 AM No. 836859, File: 1621552995240.jpeg (545.19 KB, 1170x1159, ED212A5A-A5F7-4653-BC19-16211C), Anonymous 05/20/21 (Thu) 11:36:46 PM No. share. I haven't watched yet but this girl covered another cow (ashley rheiner) and now she's covered Taylor. 107. 842948, Anonymous 07/03/21 (Sat) 02:55:55 PM No. "My mom knew that my boyfriend was the one that was shooting me up, so she told my boyfriend 'You need to leave and go somewhere while Taylor gets clean,'" Dean dished in her now-viral Youtube video. 839563, Anonymous 06/06/21 (Sun) 11:30:36 PM No. 845437, Anonymous 07/23/21 (Fri) 04:42:36 PM No. Digital creator. 838446, Anonymous 05/31/21 (Mon) 05:16:45 AM No. Of course, there are always trolls that come with being a popular online personality. 838662, Anonymous 06/01/21 (Tue) 07:54:25 PM No. She said that she packed her bags and left him that night so, that was cool," the YouTuber explained through tears. beacon martin county, mn, what happened to brown and crouppen, crystal walker obituary,

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